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A&C Plastics stocks various grades of acrylic sheet, such as extruded, continuous cast and cell cast in hundreds of colors in various thicknesses and sizes. Clear, tinted and colored acrylic sheets are available from 48" to 108" wide, and from 72" to 192" in length.

Ideal for POP displays, store fixtures, glazing and general fabrication, acrylic sheet offers manufacturers, fabricators and designers a high-optical product with exceptional strength and durability. It delivers exceptional cost savings through down-gauging without sacrificing the structural integrity of your application. Further cost reductions are achieved through faster fabrication, lower shipping & handling, and reduced breakage.

Acrylic sheet is ideal for applications requiring the beauty and clarity of acrylic where a traditionally higher impact product is required. It maintains its consistent clear edge color before and after fabrication, giving fixtures and displays a desired elegance that is lost with other impact modified materials that impart an "industrial" look.

The material resists yellowing and fading and offers superior dimensional stability.

Acrylic Line Sheet


Vibrant colors of cast acrylic sheet for high profile signage and POP display applications.

  • Tru-Cast Fluorescents
  • Acrylite GPTM Showcase Colors
  • Acrylite GPTM Fluorescents


Some Transparent and Translucent colors available, as well as clear acrylic sheet with various patterns.

  • Light Diffuser
  • P95 Matte
  • Optix Frosted™
  • Frost Clear
  • Shower Door
  • FF-P99/ Non Glare
  • DP30/ Frost Glaze
  • DP32 Calypso / FFV

Patterned Acrylic Line Sheet

Edge Lit

Transparent colors of acrylic sheet with fiber-optic characteristics. Material allows light to be transferred to the edge of the sheet, producing a glowing effect.

  • Tru-Cast EdgeLite
  • Cyro GP™
  • Exotic Edge

UV Filtering / Transmitting

Acrylic Sheet with a special treatment that inhibits transmission of harmful, damaging ultraviolet rays. Utilized in protecting artwork and precious art. UV Transmitting is also available for tanning bed and zoological applications.

  • OP-1™, OP-2™, OP-3™, OP-4™
  • Optium Museum Acrylic™, Static Shield Acrylic™
  • UF3™, UF4™, UF5™
  • SUVT™, Museum Grade L

Museum Grade L - MSDS

Museum Grade L - Product Details

Specialty and Solar Tint Line Sheet

Optium Product Details

Optium vs. Static Shield Comparison Chart

Optium Material Safety Data Sheet

Static Shield Material Safety Data Sheet

Abrasion Resistant

One and two side coated acrylic, utilized in display cases and shadow boxes in public areas to minimize scuffing and scratching.

  • Cyro AR-1
  • Cyro AR-2
  • Polycast SAR
  • Plaskolite AR-1
  • Plaskolite AR-2

Acrylite FF

ACRYLITE FF sheet is a continuously manufactured acrylic sheet. ACRYLITE FF sheet is a rigid, impact-resistant, weatherable, light weight thermoplastic offering excellent optical quality. Half the weight of glass with many times the impact resistance, ACRYLITE FF sheet offers the easy handling and processing of extruded sheet, along with the high optical characteristics and low stress levels expected of cast sheet products at an economical price.

ACRYLITE sheet products can be easily cut, routed, drilled, and cemented.

A versatile alternative to glass, ACRYLITE FF sheet is available in a variety of grades to satisfy any requirement:

  • ACRYLITE FF Crystal Ice sheet: Clear edge, frosted surface, finger print resistant acrylic sheet available in clear or glass green edge.
  • ACRYLITE P-99 sheet: Matte finish acrylic sheet, minimizes reflection for glare-free viewing.
  • ACRYLITE OP-3 sheet: UV protective acrylic sheet, filters out 98% of damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • ACRYLITE OP-3 P-99: Combines both non-glare and ing characteristics.
  • ACRYLITE AR sheet: Abrasion and chemical resistant acrylic sheet, protective coating available on one or both sides.
  • ACRYLITE AR OP-3 sheet: Combines abrasion and chemical resistance with UV filtering properties.
  • ACRYLITE AR P-99 sheet: Non-glare acrylic sheet with abrasion and chemical resistant properties.

Acrylite GP

ACRYLITE® GP acrylic sheet is a cell cast acrylic sheet made to exacting standards. Half the weight of glass with many times the impact resistance, ACRYLITE GP sheet offers excellent optical characteristics, thickness tolerances, light stability, and low internal stress levels for consistent performance. ACRYLITE GP sheet is weatherable and can be easily cut, sawed, machined, thermoformed and cemented. In addition to colorless sheet, a wide range of transparent and translucent colors are available. Custom colors can be made to order.

Typical applications for ACRYLITE GP sheet include retail displays, signage, security glazing, sports arenas, skylights, decorative paneling, architectural glazing, exhibit cases, furniture, aviation, and more.

A versatile alternative to glass, ACRYLITE GP sheet is available in a variety of grades to satisfy any market requirement:

  • ACRYLITE OP-2: UV protective cell cast acrylic sheet, filters out 98% of damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • ACRYLITE GP 1.25: Colorless, transparent bullet resistant acrylic sheet, Level I UL 752 approved.
  • ACRYLITE BR2: Colorless, transparent bullet resistant acrylic sheet ideal for security glazing.
  • Pastel Ice Color ACRYLITE GP: One sided, textured, non-glare, matte finish sheet with luminous edge color, available in six dazzling colors.
  • Exotic Edge Color ACRYLITE GP: Colorless until viewed from its edge, available in seven radiant colors and black edge.
  • Fluorescent Color ACRYLITE GP: Excellent uniformity of fluorescent color in edge and sheet available in six sensational neon colors.
  • E-color ACRYLITE GP: Colors now popular in consumer electronics and PC applications, color line includes five sizzling colors.
  • ACRYLITE GAR: Abrasion and chemical resistant acrylic sheet, protective coating available on one or both sides.
  • ACRYLITE 237: Break resistant transparent sheet specially formulated for use in noise control barriers on highways.
  • ACRYLITE GMU: Designed for general aviation applications and is superior to standard cell cast acrylic sheet in both optical quality and thickness tolerance; certified to meet or exceed Military Specification MIL P-8184 F and MIL P-5425E.
  • ACRYLITE GMS sheet: Manufactured using equipment reserved for aerospace acrylic products. It is subjected to a preshrink cycle, and undergoes an optical inspection among the most critical in the industry; certified to meet or exceed Military Specification MIL P-5425E.
  • ACRYLITE 249: Aerospace-grade, cross linked acrylic sheet is superior to conventional acrylic sheet in craze resistance, heat resistance, and water absorption; certified to meet or exceed Military Specification MIL P-8184F as a Type II, Class 2 material.


Acrylic has many benefiting characteristics that makes it the most outstanding material for a wide range of products. Signboards, lighting, aquarium, shades, and many other furniture products utilize acrylic to achieve the brilliant and elegant finish that attracts the customer. The versatility of Trucast enables manufacturers to fabricate any size and any color into appealing commodities.


  • Signage
  • Lighting
  • Displays
  • Aquariams
  • Windscreens
  • Architectural
  • Skylights
  • Sky Domes
  • Housewares
  • Picture Frames
  • Architectural Safety Glazing
  • Furniture
  • Bathware

Tru-Cast MSDS


Optix is continuously processed acrylic sheet offered in thicknesses of .040" to 1.0" (1mm-25mm), in clear, colors and widths up to 104". Optix combines high optical clarity with superior impact and weather resistance. The high molecular weight of Optix acrylic sheet allows for ease in thermoforming, bending and flame polishing.

Available Colors:

  • 2447 White
  • 7328 White
  • 2025 Black
  • 2064 Gray
  • 2074 Gray
  • 2094 Gray
  • 2525 Gray
  • 2514 Gray
  • 2515 Gray
  • 2538 Gray
  • 2370 Bronze
  • 2404 Bronze
  • 2412 Bronze
  • 2540 Bronze
  • 2539 Bronze

Optix MSDS
Optix Product Data
Optix UVF PD

Lucite L

Acrylic plastics have an unusual combination of properties... outstanding weather resistance, brilliant clarity, "light-piping" and "edge-lighting" qualities, chemical resistance, smooth, easy-clean surface, and ease of forming and machining. Compared to all other types of transparent thermoplastics, Lucite® L cast acrylic sheet has outstanding resistance to the damaging effects of sunlight and outdoor weathering. Lucite® L cast acrylic sheet also offers excellent caliper control for critical applications.

The desirable properties of Lucite® L cast acrylic sheet account for its wide acceptance for many end-uses.

Optical Qualities - Used as safety glazing in buildings and vehicles, in instrument and equipment covers and machinery guards.

Decorative - Lucite® L cast acrylic sheet enhances the functional and aesthetic beauty of such products as exterior panels for appliances, exterior and interior trim for automobiles, and household and business accessories.

Light Stability and Weather Resistance - With its excellent UV light stability and resistance to weathering, Lucite® L cast acrylic sheet is used extensively as safety glazing in outdoor signs and lighting fixtures as well as for indoor fluorescent lighting shields and diffusers.

Lucite L MSDS
Lucite L PD

Aristech GPA

GPA (General Purpose Acrylic) is a continuous cast sheet. It has very good thermoformability, which is one of many important and useful properties offered.

GPA is ideally suited for all types of outdoor signs, skylights, and general fabrication. This weather-resistant acrylic is solvent cementable and is inventoried in many colors, thicknesses and sizes.

Aristech GPA MSDS
Aristech GPA PD

Antistatic (ESD) Acrylic sheet

Antistatic (ESD) acrylic sheets are coated with a transparent metal/plastic material that will permanently prevent formation of static electricity on the surface. The surface has excellent mar and abrasion resistance. It is also resistant to charge generation, has superior static decay characteristics and cannot be tribocharged. The product displays excellent control of both electrostatic discharge and particulate attraction. Permanent characteristics are not affected by humidity.


Antistatic (ESD) acrylic plastic is a sound choice for manufacturing applications where effects of electrostatic discharge could cause rejects or hidden latent damage to sensitive electronic devices. This product is widely used in the semi-conductor, electronic and micro-manufacturing industries.

It is also used in other industrial applications such as screen assembly, packaging, explosive environments where static discharge must be prevented and applications where sensitive process instrumentation and equipment must be protected from static charge.

The acrylic sheet may be fabricated into a wide variety of shapes using the same equipment used for uncoated sheet products. The product is not suitable, however, for most heatformed configurations because the hard cross-linked polymer surface is not designed for heat bending.

When gluing it is necessary to mechanically remove the coating surface to insure a good bond. More information about fabrication is provided in the Technical Information Bulletin. Some applications have included covers, guards, access panels, machine windows and doors, static control shields, glove boxes, electronic equipment, process instrumentation, conveyor line covers, cleanroom windows and doors, partitions, and pass through modules

Product Data

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