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Mirrored Acrylic & Polycarbonate


Acrylic mirror is made from continuously processed acrylic sheet. Available in clear, textures and in over 17 vibrant colors, this durable material is ideal for slatwalls, point-of-purchase displays, casinos, children's toys, cosmetic displays and for applications in the food service industry. The standard sheet size in colored acrylic mirror is 48" X 96" in .125" thick. A&C Plastics also stocks 48" x 96", 60" x 96" and 72" x 96" sheets sizes in various thicknesses in the clear acrylic mirror. All of the Acrylic mirror sheet is supplied with a 3mil laser cuttable film and produced with a 1" overage for maximum yield in laser cutting. Available Colors:
* 1000 Blue, 2069 Blue, 2424 Blue
* 1020 Purple, 1050 Gray, 1064 Gray
* 1119 Orange, 1300 Gold, 1400 Red
* 2423 Red, 2404 Bronze, 1600 Bronze
* 2414 Green, 1450 Pink, 2120 Teal
* 2208 Yellow, 2422 Amber Marine Grade Fabback Acrylic Mirror Marine Grade is a superior quality, premium grade of Fabback acrylic mirror sheet highly used in boat/yacht cabin areas. It is thoroughly inspected throughout each manufacturing process to ensure maximum quality standards. Marine Grade acrylic mirror sheet is available in .118" and .236", in standard sheet sizes of 48" X 96" and 60" X 96". See-Thru Mirror See-Thru mirror, or two-way mirror, is a semi-transparent film of aluminum deposited on an acrylic or polycarbonate substrate, which allows a percentage of incident light to pass through while reflecting the remainder. Used in department stores, correction institutions and casinos where monitoring and surveillance are required. First Surface Mirror First Surface, or two-sided mirror, is an opaque film of aluminum, protected by a tough clear coating, deposited on an acrylic or polycarbonate substrate. Light from either direction is reflected. This type of mirror is ideal for applications where the backside of the acrylic mirror will be exposed, or where a reflection in both directions is desired. First surface mirror is available in thicknesses of .118" and .236". Textured Acrylic Mirror Acrylic mirror is available in non-glare, prismatic and stipple patterns for special design needs. Available in .125" thickness. PETG Mirror PETG mirror is available for applications where versatile fabrication properties, impact strength and design flexibility are needed. Available in thicknesses of .020" to .118", in a standard sheet size of 48" X 96". PETG mirror is ideal for children's toy and cosmetic case applications. Polycarbonate Mirror Polycarbonate mirror is available for applications where security and flame resistance are priorities. Available in .118" and .236", in a standard sheet size of 48" X 96". Polycarbonate mirror sheet is available in 2404 Bronze .118", see-thru, first surface and with a scratch-resistant coating.

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